Monday, November 26, 2007

Rolling in cash

Funny how a business opportunity can just roll into your life!
All Linda Katz had to do was step outside of her house to make thousands on the Internet. Now the Midwestern entrepreneur is building a business selling a piece of the old west online: tumbleweeds. Read More.


Ray said...

I live in Chandler, AZ and each year they make a 30' high Christmas Tree for the town square out of tumbleweeds. They have been doing it for years. With all the construction in Phoenix metro area, it is getting harder and harder each year to gather the number of t-weeds required to make the tree. It always looks nice as well as unique and we don't have to refer to it as a holiday tree.

Ron Ballew said...

That does sound nice and very appropriate for where you live. Glad you don't have the holiday tree syndrome.