Thursday, November 22, 2007

Customer Gives Grocery Employee $15,000

Hope everyone also had a happy Thanksgiving.
A local woman has a good reason to be thankful this holiday. A customer she met at the grocery store where she works left her a big thank-you when he died.Eva Betts has greeted customers with a smile for more than ten years at Cosentinos Market in Brookside, but one customer thanked her for her hospitality in a way she never dreamed possible. Read More.

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Ray said...

What most interesting about this story is that both people involved were giving unselfishly to each other without a promise of monetary remuneration. The reward to one came after a long dedication to the feelings and caring for the other.

Even in the short story, it is clear (she didn't want to let go of the check) that the gesture was more important than the money (not that the money won't be used wisely). It seems also likely that the gestures were more important to the old man than the money.

All as it should be.