Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How would you respond to this?


Rusty said...

In my snarkiness, I would have probably stood, and faced away from him. However, despite any disdain for the political stance he would hold, I would have been standing (but it sure adds to the one-sided presentation to have her sitting, doesn't it?).

Or, perhaps I would have asked him if we should remove murder, as a crime, since it is found in the 10 commandments?

Or, maybe we should ignore the command to make sure the poor have access to our abundance? (again, since such a command is found amongst the cherry-picked examples given?)

Or, ask him if he had ever read the book of Romans (specifically, chapter 1)?

Or, more to his original point, ask him if he had evidence of me ever advocating the execution of homosexuals for engaging in homosexual activity (or, that I was merely stating the sin nature of homosexual activity - you think?)

Ron Ballew said...

Yeah, it is interesting that they are only using the OT. What is also interesting is that the dialog is one sided. No rebuttal or even a half defense from the religious side. But of course this is television.