Friday, November 16, 2007

Fighting 'Bibliolatry' at the Evangelical Theological Society

This is fascinating. Do many Evangelicals neglect the spiritual component of Christianity? I think they do. Moreland brings up some legitimate complaints. Our cultural worldview (western) greatly influences how we view our reality and even our Christianity. The bible is normative, that I don't doubt, but God is so much more.

I firmly believe that he is speaking today and the Church needs to stop and listen.
“In the actual practices of the Evangelical community in North America, there is an over-commitment to Scripture in a way that is false, irrational, and harmful to the cause of Christ,” he said. “And it has produced a mean-spiritedness among the over-committed that is a grotesque and often ignorant distortion of discipleship unto the Lord Jesus.” Read the rest.

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Ray said...

The article is thought provoking and the comments are fascinating and stimulating. These are the types of discussions that should be more prevalent in the Christian communities.

In general, I agree with Moreland. I don't agree with all of his finer points, but his thesis is sound and his prescription is spot on.