Friday, November 02, 2007

Hillary Reveals Her Inner Self

The Hillary meltdown in the last debate looks like it will continue for a while, shame.

The story isn't that the Democrats finally took on Hillary Clinton. Nor is it that they were gentlemanly to the point of gingerly and tentative. There was an air of "Please, somebody kill her for me so I can jump in and show high minded compassion at her plight!"

Barack Obama, with his elegance and verbal fluency really did seem like that great and famous political figure from his home state of Illinois--Adlai Sevenson, who was not at all hungry, not at all mean, and operated at a step removed from the grubby game. Mr. Obama is like someone who would write in his diaries, "I shall point out Estes Kefauver's manifold inconsistencies, then to luncheon with Arthur and Marietta."

The odd thing is it's easier to be a killer when you know exactly what you stand for, when you have a real philosophy. The philosophy becomes a platform from which you can strike without ambivalence. Mr. Obama seems born to be mild. But still, that's not the story. Read More.


Ray said...

I hope that voters take a very close look at Hillary Clinton before voting for her for President. She is everything that Bill Clinton was/is and more.

More ambitious, more liberal, more angry, more vengeful. While Bill Clinton wanted to be President for the attention and stroking. Hillary Clinton wants to be President above all for the power!

Whether she were to be liberal or conservative, her power motivation makes her a poor candidate for the Presidency.

Ron Ballew said...

For me, one of the ;main issues about HRC is that she is such a big government politician. That we don't need.