Saturday, November 24, 2007

Richard Roberts steps down from ORU.

Sad but not surprising. Those who preach prosperity doctrine have a strong tendency to really like cash. Before we throw too many stones, just remember that it could certainly happen to us also. The love of money can be a powerful drug.

For many, the resignation of Oral Roberts University's embattled president, Richard Roberts, seemed to be a question of when, not if, amid the financial scandal that hit the school nearly two months ago.

Roberts, facing accusations in the lawsuit that he misspent school funds to support a lavish lifestyle, resigned Friday.

"Those who have seen what we have seen won't have any surprise about the fact that Richard has stepped down," said attorney Gary Richardson, who brought a wrongful termination lawsuit against Roberts last month on behalf of three of the university's professors. "There was no option, period." Read More.

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