Thursday, November 08, 2007

Anything Into Oil

Hope this gets more efficient.

The smell is a mélange of midsummer corpse with fried-liver overtones and a distinct fecal note. It comes from the worst stuff in the world—turkey slaughterhouse waste. Rotting heads, gnarled feet, slimy intestines, and lungs swollen with putrid gases have been trucked here from a local Butterball packager and dumped into an 80-foot-long hopper with a sickening glorp. In about 20 minutes, the awful mess disappears into the workings of the thermal conversion process plant in Carthage, Missouri.

Two hours later a much cleaner truck—an oil carrier—pulls up to the other end of the plant, and the driver attaches a hose to the truck's intake valve. One hundred fifty barrels of fuel oil, worth $12,600 wholesale, gush into the truck, headed for an oil company that will blend it with heavier fossil-fuel oils to upgrade the stock. Three tanker trucks arrive here on peak production days, loading up with 500 barrels of oil made from 270 tons of turkey guts and 20 tons of pig fat. Most of what cannot be converted into fuel oil becomes high-grade fertilizer; the rest is water clean enough to discharge into a municipal wastewater system. Read More.


Ray said...

It's amazing what science and engineering can do. Al Gore and the other global warmists use particular Scientist and Engineers who agree with their agenda, but they don't use science and engineering. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

u know if people can get over the money problem then maybe they will see the importance of building an improving these plants an stopping pollution of out drinking water at sewer plants an landfills i could care less is rocks came from the machine just as long as we stop messing up our water