Monday, August 27, 2007

Violence against women in Pakistan

An interesting read from Amnesty International. I certainly don't agree with much of their politics but this transcends that:

Women in Pakistan are severely disadvantaged and discriminated against. Violence against women in the home and community as well as in the custody of law enforcement officials is on the rise. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) found that in 2000 a woman was raped every two hours, and that hundreds were victims of "honour" killings, domestic violence, burnings and murder.

While a few positive changes have taken place over the last couple of years, the government is still failing to protect women from these abuses.

Many cases receive media attention and the involvement of human rights organizations, but they are quickly forgotten. Other women suffer abuses in silence for years, die violent deaths and get buried in unmarked graves.

Women's awareness of their rights has increased thanks to the work of Pakistani women's rights groups. However most women remain ignorant of even their most basic rights. A newspaper survey in 2000 reported that almost 90% of women did not realise that they had any rights at all. Read More.


Anonymous said...

The situation for women in Pakistan is terrible. They are helpless to do anything because of the high illiteracy rate. Christian women have only a 15% literacy rate (which often means they can just write their name.) A group working to make a difference is Women's Development Association, For $100 a year WDA provides a life impact class for a Pakistani woman which teaches them to read, write, do basic math and learn a vocational skill.

Ron Ballew said...

Thanks for the input.