Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I would say this pretty well sums up Thabo Mbeki:

When the real history of African National Congress South Africa will be written, the Rockefeller Foundation--for all the good it did there and elsewhere, and some not so good--will be saddled with the fact that it anointed Thabo Mbeki as Nelson Mandela's successor.

The fact is that Mbeki is a nut-case and a cruel nut-case besides. To him you may credit his likely successor Jacob Zuma, a demagogue on the old Communist model, and corrupt besides.

There's a little back-story in today's Guardian about Mbeki (by Chris McGreal) that begins, "The South African president, Thabo Mbeki, earned the nickname 'Comrade Undertaker'..." well read why. He is also much responsible for the survival of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, a more secure survival than the 5 million HIV patients in South Afiica whom Mbeki has imprisoned in a garlic and vitamins regimen for a cure. Read More.

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