Sunday, August 12, 2007

Queer Topic for a Presidential Debate

This is different. Amazing how our countries ethic has changed to such an extent that this topic is now part of a presidential debate:

Thursday night, MTV’s homosexual cable network, LOGO, and the homosexual “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC) hosted the first-ever presidential debate solely intended to promote the demonstrably high-risk homosexual and “transgender” (gender identity disorder) lifestyles.

All major presidential candidates — both Republican and Democrat — were invited to participate. Each of the Republican presidential candidates declined, while six of the major Democratic candidates accepted. Senators Christopher Dodd (D-Connecticut) and Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) indicated that they had scheduling conflicts.Organizers were clearly expecting the candidates to fall all over themselves trying to prove to the world who was most sympathetic to the left’s twisted version of “tolerance” and “diversity.” And for those anticipating a drastically lopsided “gay”-affirming love-fest, the debate didn’t disappoint. No questions were presented from a traditionalist standpoint. Read More.


Ray said...

I watched the forum on LOGO. It was a pander fest as reported. I can hardly wait for the Slovak-Engineers forum on the Discovery Channel.

Seriously, these kind of forums should be encouraged, but not hyped by the politicians, media and political junkies who are the only ones who want to analyze their results.

Elected officials are suppose to use their judgement to represent their constituents, not any ethnic, sexual, sexual preference, age, political party, etc., etc. etc. Candidates should attend these forums and tell attendees how they intend to fulfill that trust.

Ron Ballew said...

That would be nice, but it always seems there is an agenda somewhere. And the agendas today are how open to diversity you can be.