Friday, August 10, 2007

DDT spray scares mosquitoes away, study finds

This is very significant. Malaria is a real killer:

Mosquitoes that carry malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever avoid homes that have been sprayed with DDT, researchers reported on Wednesday.

The chemical not only repels the disease-carrying insects physically, but its irritant and toxic properties helps keep them away, the researchers reported in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS ONE.

They estimate that DDT spray reduced the risk of disease transmission by nearly three-quarters. Read More.


Anonymous said...

If it hadn't been for alarmist environmentalists (remember "Jonathan Livingston's Seagull") who jumped the gun on condemning the use of DDT years ago, the deaths in the world, especially Africa, would have been significantly less.

Makes one wonder about one of today's books VP Al Gore's "Inconvienent Truth". Speaking of the VP, why won't he debate anyone on global warming?

Ron Ballew said...

Why won't he debate? I figure he doesn't want to get trashed.