Monday, August 20, 2007

Don’t bring that gift in here

Gifts in ministry today! Unfortunately not if a lot can help it, which is a shame. Some seem to agree with me. Link.


Anonymous said...

Sadley today the gifts of the spirit are not used or taught by example in the church. The use of these gifts only happen when leaders lead by example, by leading and example do fellowships begin to see the gifts reach out to those in our community and we see change in lives become a reality is those that we come in contact with . When leadership live's the life then the church will follow.I firmly belive "You can teach what you know, but ultimatley you will reproduce what you are".

Eric Jones said...

Thanks for the link to Good to meet someone else with similar convictions regarding the use of spiritual gifts today. I also appreciate the comment by "anonymous". If you are comfortable, let's add each other to our respective blogrolls. Looks like we have some synergy.

By the way, nasty picture of the fork and nose disease. Was that your son? Ouch!

Ron Ballew said...

First off wasn't my son but a friend sent me the link.

Thanks for both comments. I am wanting to see more of the giftings in operation in our church and they are. Eric will love to blog roll you and would be honored to be on yours.

Thanks for both of your comments.