Sunday, August 26, 2007

Theocracy in America

Worth the read.

For several weeks CNN has been hyping their miniseries God’s Warriors as an “unprecedented six-hour television event.” The series dedicates two hours each to “God’s Jewish Warriors,” “God’s Muslim Warriors,” and “God’s Christian Warriors.” Prior to the first airing, CNN invited several bloggers to preview a few clips from the series and to submit a question for Christiane Amanpour to be answered during a special webcast. Link.


Ray said...

Journalists are suppose to report objectively. But alas they are also human. Many who point out the agendas of others can't seem to see the hidden agendas in their own reporting.

There is much in Christian religion history to be ashamed. However equating Rev. Falwell to OBL is ludicrous. But it is not surprising, look how often different people are compared to Adolph Hitler. It's just a lazy way to debate and/or report.

Ron Ballew said...

No one is truly objective, but this series isn't even close. It rather seems like it is going out of its way to put Christianity in a bad light.