Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Baby Bibs Said to Contain Levels of Lead

If China keeps this type of shoddy goods a comin they are going to single handedly slow down there explosive economic growth. Seems like something is being recalled every other day:

Certain vinyl baby bibs sold at Toys “R” Us stores appear to be contaminated with lead, laboratory tests have shown, making the inexpensive bibs another example of a made-in-China product that may be a health hazard to children. More.


Ray said...

I hope that the US consumer communicates to the Chinese manufacturers that this is unacceptable, BUT that they also are willing to help Chinese meet our expectations and specifications.

I am unwilling to believe that the Chinese are wanting to kill and maim American children. I do believe that some Chinese companies are shortcutting and making pure profit decisions. It wasn't long ago that lead paint was on the front page of US papers with stories of American manufactures.

So far I encouraged by the Chinese government response. For example, one CEO is or was already executed for tainted food production. Maybe a bit harsh, but certainly a firm punishment for a violation of the public trust.

Ron Ballew said...

I would agree, I would like to see China clean up it's act. The best thing that can happen for China is the rise of incomes that are generated by the economy. A prosperous China will remain relatively peaceful (hopefully).

Ray said...

As long as China or any country wants to participate in the global economy all of the wars will be economic, but never military.

It seems the trouble starts when one or a group of countries wants to dominate in the global economy.