Thursday, February 22, 2007

Protesters to defy Mugabe crackdown as police loyalty drains away

Zimbabwe is a mess. I watched go from a relatively prosperous country (by African standards) to a basket case that could no longer feed itself. The sooner Mugabe is gone the better. Are you listening Thabo Mbeki?

Witnesses cited unprecedented boldness by opposition supporters and timidity by police during encounters at demonstrations last week. In Bulawayo, Mr Mutambara stormed through the ranks of riot police to lead a march through the city without being hindered. Under normal circumstances he could have expected a beating and spent several days in police cells.
“[The Government’s] intelligence is showing them that levels of anger are higher than they have ever been,” said Mr Coltart. “They also know that the levels of anger and frustration in the police are very high.”
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