Friday, February 02, 2007

Group Opposed to Church Leadership Forms a Board of Directors

This is interesting, a group within Bellevue Baptist Church (BBC) has formed a corporation and are planning a new church based on accountability. I don't really know much about the situation but this is fascinating and a little disconcerting. Should church dirty laundry be exposed in such public outlets eg., websites, courts etc.? Ideally, no. At the same time if church leadership dealt with scandals in a more open and transparent way many of these issues would never get off the ground.

In this case, with BBC it was a sexual lapse of a staff pastor 17 years ago. The problem is, it was an alleged child molestation case. What to do? Again you had better be open and honest. Gone are the days when things can be hushed up. The new paradigm for pastor's is this: with the internet, secrets are secrets no more! With the advent of blogs people can get the message out. (Even if it is not true!)

Honesty and transparency, it's what the church must strive for in a world where secrets can be published with the pressing of a key.

Yes, that's correct... there is now a group of members of Bellevue Baptist that has formed it's own group officially opposing the church leadership. On their new website ( they say... "It is not uncommon for leadership changes within a church to result in some discontent and even discord within its membership. But, for a group of members inside a church of 30,000 to incorporate themselves, form a board of directors, and set out for the sole purpose of instilling accountability in its own church government and leadership is unusual and perhaps unprecedented." Read More.

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