Wednesday, February 28, 2007

L'Eggo My Lego

This is so over the top I am not sure how to even comment:

Some Seattle school children are being told to be skeptical of private property rights. This lesson is being taught by banning Legos.

A ban was initiated at the Hilltop Children's Center in Seattle. According to an article in the winter 2006-07 issue of "
Rethinking Schools" magazine, the teachers at the private school wanted their students to learn that private property ownership is evil.
According to the article, the students had been building an elaborate "Legotown," but it was accidentally demolished. The teachers decided its destruction was an opportunity to explore "the inequities of private ownership." According to the teachers, "Our intention was to promote a contrasting set of values:
collectivity, collaboration, resource-sharing, and full democratic participation." Read More.


Rusty Lopez said...

I wonder how far the teachers would go with their philosophy? If private property rights are evil, then my taking a sledgehammer to one of their cars could not be deemed wrong - in a personal sense. Or, perhaps, I could walk off with one of their laptops or iPods?

Seems reasonable to me.

Ron Ballew said...

The logical fallacies they are exhibiting are amazing. Talk about trying to indoctrinate the young ones.

If any own a home be sure and stop by and spend the night while in Washington, After all, we want them to practice what they teach!