Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Willowcreek Axis

Willowcreek is shutting down there emergent service Axis. Interesting it didn't work and would like to know why.

I read on Scot McKnight and Marko's blog about the announcement this past week regarding the ending of the AxisWillowcreek Community Church. I don't know all the behind the scenes discussions and what led to the decision to stop the gathering, so I cannot make any guesses about what were the actual reasons behind the reasons. I have talked with some of the Axis staff throughout the years, so I have a general understanding of the history and changes made since it started. I even wrote a chapter specifically about Axis in the Emerging Worship book. But whatever the reasons for shutting down Axis, I can say, that from an outside perspective it saddened my heart - but I was not at all surprised. I am surprised it didn't end sooner actually.

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