Thursday, July 20, 2006


It appears that Panos Zavos who claimed to have tried to clone a human in 2004 really made the attempt. This type of cloning (reproductive) is highly controversial. Two arguments against cloning deal with family/procreation and humans being created in the image of God. I see cloning as the end product of the slippery slope that began with embryonic research. The question that arises, when is a human a human? I err on the side of caution so reject any experimentation that has the potential to destroy life, or even tamper with life at the embryonic stage.

A maverick fertility expert has revealed hard evidence of a controversial attempt to produce the world’s first cloned human baby.

Panos Zavos, a reproductive scientist, created a storm in 2004 when he called a press conference in London to announce he had cloned a human embryo from the skin cells of an infertile man and transferred it to the uterus of the man’s wife. He later said the transfer had failed and the woman did not become pregnant, but many scientists doubted whether he had performed the experiment at all.

Most cloning and fertility experts say such a move to create a clone baby would be unethical and dangerous for mother and child - few female animals implanted with cloned embryos carry them to term or give birth to healthy offspring. The idea could not be taken seriously, they said, until Dr Zavos, who is based at the University of Kentucky and runs a private fertility clinic in Cyprus, published his results and methods in a scientific journal. Read More.

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