Monday, July 03, 2006

An Emerging Story

A story the church needs to hear:

I was recently interviewed by a master’s student at a local university who is doing research on the emerging church movement. When he e-mailed me a note of thanks, I simply asked this: “Where are you theologically?” Here’s his answer. His story is a special feature o f the emerging movement, though he’s not so sure he’s emerging. I have masked some of his identity, though he did not say I had to. This story is published with his permission.

Good question… hard to answer. I grew up in a small rural “community” church … with Holiness and Arminian tendencies (but didn’t know that then… it was short on theological education) with definite hints of fundamentalism (but I learned my Bible!); I went to Wheaton in the late 1990s, so that broadened me but also resulted in some faith crises of various sorts. I spent most of college at Lyle Dorsett’s new wave Anglican church in Wheaton and its parent church in Glen Ellyn, very much Robert Webberian ancient-future types of places…Read More.

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