Saturday, July 01, 2006

Suffering: The Value of Knowing God

A question that always comes up. Why is there suffering? There is no clear cut answer, but we do know that good can come from suffering. Still bottom line is suffering stinks, but in spite of that we serve a loving God who sent His Son to restore relationship with us.

This article takes a look at Job and the suffering he underwent because he was a good man.

The book of Job is among the oldest of all human literature, and may be the oldest of all writings on the mystery of suffering. It remains one of the most profound. Why do people suffer? Is there any value in it? It's such a vital question, God gave answers very early in history.

We have to tell the story first. Job opens with a description of the main character, Job himself (pronounced Jobe), a wealthy man blessed with a fine family, a marvelous reputation, and an exemplary life of righteousness. With that information, we are quickly transported to a scene at the throne of God, where Satan, the adversary, tells God that Job's great righteousness is hardly surprising in view of the way God has rewarded him. "But now," he says, "stretch out Your hand and touch all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face!" God does not do this, but gives Satan permission to do so.

Multiple tragedies fall on Job in a day: the loss of his children and most of his wealth to a natural disaster and to raiders. Read More.

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