Monday, July 24, 2006

Jesus Descendant to Write New Book

Thanks to the DaVinci code all the worms are coming out of the wood work. Kathleen McGowan claims that she is a descendant of Jeus and Mary Magdalene. I'm sure the little problem of a lack of documentation (not that there are any records going back that far) will slow her down. Once you start the ball rolling with ludicrous conspiracy theories, they just keep coming.

If you're one of the 40 million readers of The Da Vinci Code, get ready to stretch your credulity still further. An author is about to claim that she is the living embodiment of the Holy Grail, a direct descendant of the physical union between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. She's American, she's 43, and she means it - every word.

Even though it seems her claim comes straight from the world of fictional make-believe, Kathleen McGowan, a married mother of three, is about to tell her story in a "partly autobiographical" novel that hopes to trade directly on the vast worldwide audience captured by Dan Brown. It promises to light almost as many fires of controversy as Brown's novel itself.

For, however outlandish Ms McGowan's claims, they are being taken seriously by one of the world's most respected publishing houses. Simon & Schuster is publishing her book and ploughing a marketing budget of more than a quarter of a million dollars into promoting it. It has already invested a seven-figure sum in the rights to her book, The Expected One. "I certainly expect there will be a backlash,"Read More.

That's and understatement!

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