Tuesday, July 25, 2006


This is the argument concerning whether Jesus is who He claims to be. If we believe he was a good and intelligent sage then we have to believe who he says he is. That is God because he claims to be God. (John 1:1) He makes many statements claiming to be I Am. A claim he understood meant that he was claiming to be God.

The choice is this, Jesus is either who he claims to be, God, or he is a lunatic:

When the first Christian apologists began to give a reason for the faith that was in them to
unbelievers, this doctrine of Christ's divinity naturally came under attack, for it was almost as
incredible to Gentiles as it was scandalous to Jews. That a man who was born out of a woman's womb and died on a cross, a man who got tired and hungry and angry and agitated and wept at his friend's tomb, that this man who got dirt under his fingernails should be God was, quite simply, the most astonishing, incredible, crazy-sounding idea that had ever entered the mind of man in all human history. The argument the early apologists used to defend this apparently indefensible doctrine has become a classic one. C.S. Lewis used it often, e.g. in Mere Christianity, the book that convinced Chuck Colson (and thousands of others). I once spent half a book (Between Heaven and Hell) on this one argument alone. It is the most important argument in Christian apologetics, for once an unbeliever accepts the conclusion of this argument (that Christ is divine), everything else in the Faith follows, not only intellectually (Christ's teachings must all then be true) but also personally (if Christ is God, He is also your total Lord and Savior).The argument, like all effective arguments, is extremely simple: Christ was either God or a bad
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