Thursday, August 24, 2006


Interesting that this has happened. Because of the limitations in research money for stem cells scientists seem to have overcome the ethical dilemma. Could this be because they had to find a new way to harvest stem cells without killing embryos?

A stem cell breakthrough by American scientists is set to overturn ethical objections to potentially live-saving research.

They have found how to make stem cells from embryos without destroying the embryo in the process - an advance that could open the door to billions of dollars in research funding.

Stem-cell research, which specialists believe holds the key to treating many diseases, has been crippled in the US by the religious Right, backed by the Bush Administration. Federal support for such research has been banned because it involves the destruction of embryos.

Now a team at Advanced Cell Technology - a private company - has found that it is possible to create human stem cells using one or two cells from an early embryo, without doing any damage to the embryo. Read More.

Isn't it amazing what science can do when money is involved!

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