Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It seems that there is consternation about the percieved political philosophy of educators. They have taken a pro-gay marriage position, pro-immigration position among others. The question then is whether it is appropriate for this union to take positions on such overtly political issues?

An endorsement of same-sex “marriage” was not the only political statement that angered conservative members of the National Education Association (NEA) at the teachers union’s convention last month in Orlando, Florida.

At that meeting, 50 NEA delegates submitted a legislative amendment (7) calling for an immigration policy that “rejects the criminalization of undocumented immigrants and those who work with them, especially educators.” Amendment 7, which is now in the hands of the NEA’s Legislative Committee, also advocates “a path to citizenship” or “permanent residency” for illegal aliens.

Ohio teacher Judy Bruns, an eight-year delegate to the national NEA convention, calls the proposed amendment “embarrassingly presumptuous.” She believes this measure and others like it overstep the organization’s proper scope and purpose. Read More.

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