Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Should the Church Steer Clear of Politics?

My answer is yes and no. Yes, if we equate conservative politics with christianity. No, if we believe our christianity can have no bearing on our politics. Being a christian should impact every aspect of who we are, including who we vote for.

...The Church must become very wary of power plays because power, as Lord Acton has reminded, has a corrupting influence. But, in truth, so does powerlessness insomuch that it can make us complacent. And that complacency, on all issues of import, is dangerous to the Church as well.

The "emerging church" movement promotes a term we could learn from -- sacralization. It is, in the words of authors Eddie Gibbs and Ryan Bolger (Emerging Churches), "the process of making all of life sacred" and "represents the interaction of kingdom and culture." Christians should indeed have the goal of making all of life His, and that would include the issues facing contemporary culture and political solutions. Read More.

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