Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Several conservatives on the state board of education have been defeated. This means that there will be a re-think (and re-vote) on the issue of intelligent design being taught in the classroom. There is a phrase I found interesting …favored a return to traditional science standards. Interesting how traditional science standards excludes any concept of an intelligent designer.

The results seem likely to give the moderates a 6-4 edge on the 10-member board when it takes over in January. Half the members of the board are elected every two years. The election results are not final until certified by the Kansas Secretary of State, Ron Thornburgh, following an official canvas.

Both moderate Republican winners face Democratic opponents in November, but the Democrats are moderates as well, favoring a return to the traditional science standards that prevailed before a conservative majority elected in 2004 passed new rules for teaching science. Those rules, enacted last November, called for classroom critiques of Darwin’s theory. Ms. Waugh, the Democrat, does not face a Republican opponent in the general election.

Nice to know that theories can no longer be scrutinized.

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