Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Landmark Study on Global Evangelism Released

Sounds like the Church still has alot to do:

An important new study focuses on remaining barriers to global evangelism and offers a strategic roadmap to accomplish the Great Commission among unreached people groups.

“Research shows that despite the extraordinary missions efforts of the Church, three out of four people alive on the earth today still have not heard the Gospel,” said Kevin Swanson, president of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). MAF is an aviation, communications and technology ministry serving more than 600 Christian and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

The landmark five-year global research project by MAF called “Operation ACCESS!” provides critical information that will shape international evangelism, ministry and humanitarian strategies for the next 20 years.

The study spotlights pockets of people considered heretofore unreachable, and identifies areas where transportation, communications and technology barriers prevent or impede access to the Gospel. It assesses the significance of the barriers, the degree of any ministry taking place, and suggests how the barriers can be overcome. Read More.

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