Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who's Who in Pentecostalism

This is a scary page. Granted this is beliefnet which is not indicative of the Pentecostal community at large. Still, this is the face (s) that people think of when they think of the term "Pentecostal."



Anonymous said...

Please elaborate on what you mean by scary and frightening. And who would be on your list of Who's Who in Pentecostalism?

Ron Ballew said...

Most of the people listed as Pentecostals have somewhat dodgy theolgy, they are showmen, and I would rather they were not who are thought of first when you think of Pentecostals. When many non christians talk about evangelists in a negative sense, these are the one's they think of. (Note: not all in this list are negative.)

Who would I consider influential:

Mel Roebeck, Gordon Fee, Tommy Barnett, Jack Hayford, Thomas Trask, David Yongi Cho, Brian Houston, and there are others.

I like what Charles Crabtree once said. "We don't need superstars in the church."