Thursday, May 04, 2006

“I swear that boy goes through jeans like he was wearing sandpaper underwear!”

How many remember Andy Griffith and Ron Howard (Opie)? Seems they had a little chat recently about the movie the Da Vinci Code. I like Griffith's attitude.

I wouldn’t believe this if it didn’t come straight from the prolific and estimable Ben Witherington. He has been working hard equipping churches to respond intelligently to the DaVinci Code as the movie release draws near. On his blog he reports that Andy Griffith and Ron Howard recently chatted about the movie:

…I was privy to a conversation between Andy Griffith and the man who once played his son on the Andy Griffith show— Ron Howard (aka Opie!). Griffith, who is a commited Christian made clear to Opie over dinner he was not best pleased about this movie but that he was a Christian and he still loved him. Read More.

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