Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Royal Rumble in Godblogdom

When Godbloggers go bad.

For the past several years I’ve been a spectator to the catfights, the petty squabbles, the backbiting, and the raised eyebrow innuendo that passes for discourse among many Godbloggers. I’ve watched silently as the flame wars spread, and the Christian soldiers, marching ever onward, hyperlinked their way toward victory for their side. I stood motionless as the links whizzed past and the buzz became a deafening roar. I did nothing as the battles crashed all around me. No longer, though, can I be silent, motionless, and inert. The time has come when I must speak out and say what’s been weighing heavy on my mind: How can I get a piece of that action?

As my buddy John Schroeder recently noted, “There is an old adage in politics - when you cannot do anything about the problem at hand, either invent a problem, or pick a smaller one you can fix, and use it as a diversion.” I can’t do anything about the problem. But I also can’t sit idly by while everyone else is getting fat the link rich site traffic. In the words of that late great sage-poet Tupac Shakur, I “Got to Get Mine.”

So in the hopes of inciting a Royal Rumble-style smackdown, I’ve decided to talk trash about as many of my fellow Christian bloggers as possible. The task, however, is more daunting than might first appear. With hundred bloggers listed in the Church Directory and the Blogdom of God, it was difficult to choose targets for my cheap jabs.

These bloggers are also all Christians, which makes it even more difficult since someone is bound to pull out that “turn the other cheek” stuff. I figured the safe bet was to swing far and wide in hopes that someone will strike back, causing a sufficient enough dust-up that I’ll be left with some Sitemeter busting traffic. After that happens we can all repent and embrace in fellowship. Then I can go back to producing monotonous, dissertation-length posts.

For today, though, its time to take some cheap shots. Let's get ready to rumble: Read More.

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