Monday, May 22, 2006

Get Creative For Kid's Sake


So, how do you develop a children’s ministry that is better than any other church’s? You don’t. Other churches are not your competition. Your competition is Chuck E. Cheese. And Nickelodeon. And Xbox.

Kids today are conditioned to need high stimulation, to be fully engaged – if we’re going to grab and sustain their attention. Whether they’re surfing the Internet for cheat codes to the latest Lord of the Rings PS2 game or checking out your kids’ program, what they find had better be fun and interesting. Because boring or intimidating just doesn’t cut it.

In a world where our society pushes adults to have and achieve more, parents have been known to extend that mindset into their parenting practices. So the last thing your children’s program should be to an “overscheduled” child is this: another obligation. How can they come to know how much Jesus loves them if they don’t even want to be there? Right, you say. And precisely how do we avoid the boring and intimidating syndrome? Glad you asked. Read More.

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