Friday, May 19, 2006

Da Vinci Code Redux

Well it is upon us, the movie that is. So far critics have been less than pleased which is not surprising. Usually a book does not translate well onto the big screen (Exceptions inluding Lord of the Rings).

The theological angle is interesting, Brown introduces no new material and the supposed gnostic writings he uncovers are nothing new. What concerns me the most is that many people believe what the book says is fact. For those who want more info follow this link. Lots of good material, and background information on the ideas behind the book and movie. This also shows what a poor historian Brown is and his distortion of facts etc.

Will the movie do well? Hard to say, but initial reactions by critics are not promising. For the studio it had better, this was an expensive movie to make.

The one plus about the movie is that it can be a bridge builder for those who are seeking truth, in that sense God's truth will prevail.

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