Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Church as Witness to the Limits of Bio-Determinism - A Rant

Very interesting.

What is “bio-determinism”? The term "bio-determinism" has been used in various ways. For the purposes of this post, "bio-determinism" refers to the assumption that biology (and the various sciences derived there from) speaks a value neutral and thereby factual description of the world. The reports of such sciences are assumed true in our culture. What "is" therefore … "is." And there is nothing left to think about except how we must morally accommodate and live with such realities.

Such bio-determinism is insidious because it reifies the worst of our moral ills. It says the body is mere biology and therefore medicine becomes mere technology on our bodies. We are left with no room for the power of God to heal miraculously in our midst and change our very souls. Read More.

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