Saturday, March 28, 2009

Turn Off Your Lights Tonight for Earth Hour

It will be interesting to learn how many turn off their lights.  BTW, I'm not:

Turn Off Your Lights Tonight for Earth Hour | Geekdad from
Earth Day isn't for nearly a month, but tonight you've got an opportunity to help the environment by doing something very simple: turn off all the non-essential lights and appliances in your home for an hour, starting at 8:30pm local time.

Earth Hour began in Australia two years ago, and has since spread across the world, organized by the World Wildlife Fund. My family participated last year, using candles and a wind-up flashlight to provide illumination while the four of us played games at the dining room table. I suspect it has a lot to do with the games, but my kids are really excited about doing it again.


Civis Ordinarius said...

It's a nice idea....BUT 1) I didn't turn off my lights and 2) turning your lights off and then on for an hour can be more energy inefficient than leaving them on for an hour. (the inrush power for lights when you flip them on is a lot more than the power it takes for them to burn continuously.)

I'd rather see Americans at a single appointed time pause in a moment of silence for those who gave their lives for America. I saw this done in Israel and the moment of silence was just that. Sirens went off and everyone stopped, their cars, motorcycles, typing, talking, etc. for one minute. It was awe inspiring.

Ron Ballew said...

That would have been awe inspiring.

BTW apparently Al Gore didn't turn his lights off either.