Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Death of the Obama dream

And people are surprised this is happening to a political neophyte: >> Noemie Emery
It all came at the end of what Rick Klein of ABC News called Obama’s ‘lost week,’ which got worse on Sunday, when he was attacked by the New York Times in three columns and one editorial. One warned of an oncoming fall of Katrina dimensions. And these were his friends.

Actually, since he was sworn, in most of his weeks have been lost ones, or at least weeks headed downward, the problem being that three or four variations on the theme of incompetence have had time to harden and set.

First, the financial crisis he was hired to fix has only grown worse under his tutelage, losing another 2,000-plus points on the Dow since his ascension. Second, the ‘smoothest transition on record’ stopped being smooth when Bush went back to Texas, and has since been a mélange of scandals and dithering. Third, the immense sums in his budget are starting to stun the more moderate Democrats, not to mention the Obamacons, who once put their hopes in his ‘moderate’ temperament.

Fourth, he and some of his high-profile picks have shown a repeated addiction to unforced errors and slights---mixing up names, misplacing dates, dissing Nancy Reagan, dissing the British Prime Minister, dissing the Special Olympics, created and run by John Kennedy’s sister—giving the impression the administration is run by the under-informed and the boorish and socially compromised.


Civis Ordinarius said...

It's that arrogance that comes from those who think they and only they have all the answers.

Despite the fact that numerous suggestions and alternates have been given for the budget. The administration continues to say to the effect, "If you don't have any alternates or suggestions - shut-up!"

Ron Ballew said...

And they haven't really been able to come up with a plan for the financial sector.

The whole budget seems to be coming out of a quasi socialist la la land.