Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama's $500,000 book bonanza

Try as I might, sometimes it's hard not being cynical.

Washington Times - EXCLUSIVE: Obama's $500,000 book bonanza
As he empathized with recession-weary Americans, President Obama arranged in the days just before he took office to secure a $500,000 advance for a children's book project, a disclosure report shows.

The terms of the book deal were disclosed in a Senate financial disclosure report filed Tuesday.

Analysts say there don't appear to be any rules that would bar such transactions after a president takes office, but it's unclear whether an incoming or sitting president has ever signed a book deal upon entering the White House.


Civis Ordinarius said...

Go on Tonight Show, fill out the NCAA brackets, write a children's book.

Only wish he could carve out some time to work on the economy. Maybe read the bills that a sent to him by the Congress. He might have realized that he signed up to the AIG bonuses.

Ron Ballew said...

Heh, ouch.