Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The 5 biggest myths about Obama

Not sure I agree with all of these, but it is interesting:

The 5 biggest myths about Obama - Alex Conant -
By trade if not by choice, I have become something of a Barack Obama aficionado. POLITICO’s Mike Allen wrote last week that I have “probably listened to more President Obama speeches than any human besides [White House spokesman Robert] Gibbs.” Working at the Republican National Committee last year, I closely watched every public appearance by Obama. And I learned a lot about our new president along the way.

He loves pies, but he doesn’t appreciate beer. And when he is presented with an uncomfortable question at a town hall, he usually turns the question on the questioner. (Q: Will my son’s death in Iraq be in vain? A: How did your son die?)

I’ve concluded that much of the conventional wisdom about Obama is wrong. Here are five of the biggest misconceptions:


Civis Ordinarius said...

That is why he's going on the Tonight Show - to keep the myths strong. Plus stepped in it with respect to the AIG bonuses and wanted to be out of town.

But 4 years is a long time. It will all come out. And his most vociferous supporters will become his most ardent detractors.

Ron Ballew said...

His admirers seem to be turning already. When Maureen O'Dowd starts slamming Obama, there's problems.