Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paper Money

Hmm... » Crane
CNBC just interviewed the head of Crane & Co., a well known maker of paper and stationery. They are also the suppliers to the Treasury Department of paper for US currency. The last question the reporter asked him was about changes in the denominations being ordered, and he replied that they have recently seen increased orders for $100 paper.

I wonder if this is an indication that the Treasury Department is anticipating inflation.

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Civis Ordinarius said...

Or that people will be pulling money of the banks to buy GOLD.

Inflation is going to occur....just hope that it holds off till the economy has a chance to recover. If not, it will be Carter II - and Obama will be history.

Its not just gold which will go up. All commodities will likely go up and that will make the cost of everything go up in addition to the inflation that will be caused by printing money.

If we have stagflation - who will President Obama blame?