Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who is TNR's mysterious author 'Scott Thomas'?

This whole thing sounds wrong. this is the power of the blogs, where once a story like this would never be refuted, now there are an army of bloggers who will go after it:

The New Republic is running a sensational pseudonymously-authored article entitled Shock Troops, which TNR claims is written by a soldier currently serving in Iraq. The article provides candid portrayals of rough and ugly humor among the troops and hinges on the premise that those who have no experience with the military will believe that the "dehumanizing" aspects of the war have turned our young men and woman into barbarians parading around with a child's skull for a cap and insulting the war-wounded for their deformities. Many of us who do have experience with the military believe that these stories sound faked. Read More.


Ray said...

I hope "Scott Thomas" is identified and verified.

I support a couple of independent bloggers working in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bloggers seem to understand "reporting". They don't report those things that support any agenda, they report what they observe and hear. Those people going to journalism school are either wasting their money or their time.

Ron Ballew said...

That is the truth and it is killing the reporters in the MSM. Blogging is shaking the very foundations of news and how we get it.