Saturday, July 14, 2007

In Europe, God Is (Not) Dead

I have heard that evangelical Christianity is growing in France. This article confirms that it may be a more pronounced European up swelling that is beginning to happen:

Late last year, a Swedish hotel guest named Stefan Jansson grew upset when he found a Bible in his room. He fired off an email to the hotel chain, saying the presence of the Christian scriptures was "boring and stupefying." This spring, the Scandic chain, Scandinavia's biggest, ordered the New Testaments removed.

In a country where barely 3% of the population goes to church each week, the affair seemed just another step in Christian Europe's long march toward secularism. Then something odd happened: A national furor erupted. A conservative bishop announced a boycott. A leftist radical who became a devout Christian and talk-show host denounced the biblical purge in newspaper columns and on television. A young evangelical Christian organized an electronic letter-writing campaign, asking Scandic: Why are you removing Bibles but not pay-porn on your TVs?

Scandic, which had started keeping its Bibles behind the front desk, put the New Testament back in guest rooms. Read More.

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Ray said...

Along these same lines, the WSJ this weekend had another interesting article, The New New Atheism. Mr. Berkowitz makes some good points about the most recent version of atheism.