Thursday, July 19, 2007

High-end pedals to the metal

One of my passions is bicycling. One of the things you quickly begin to realize is the expense. Good bikes cost. Of course there is cost and there is cost. This article is about really high end bikes.

If bicycling has a nirvana, the bucolic back roads snaking throughout the Bay Area would qualify.

Bikers here tend to be fit, fanatical and — thanks to high-tech-enterprise success — flush. As a result, the region does not lack for fancy bike shops. Which is why ultra-exclusive Above Category stands out.

Tucked into the small Marin County town of Mill Valley, the shoebox-sized shop sells some of the coolest bikes you've never heard of. Bike fanciers know about Trek and Specialized, but how about off-the-wall names such as Moots, Parlee and Land Shark?

Didn't think so. Read more.

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