Saturday, July 21, 2007



Donald Grey Barnhouse in the context of the tension between what Christians are supposed to feel about engaging the culture and being faithful:

"There are so many Christians who are narrow and cantankerous because they have been giving up things instead of getting Christ. They have gone at the things from the wrong end. Look out among the people you know as Christians and you will discover two sorts. One rubs you the wrong way, the other fills you with admiration. One of them boasts that he doesn't do this and doesn't do that until you think that failing to do certain things is the whole of his religion. Those to whom he talks want to go out and do the very things he does not do as a sort of reaction against that in his life which is offensive.
The other Christian strikes you as being a holy person. You do not expect him to do certain things because you rather feel that he is possessed by higher motives. He has been in the presence of the Lord and is so filled with that presence that he draws you to Christ." Read More.


Ray said...

Great link. Also liked the post re: Rob Bell.

It shouldn't be a difficult thing to live peacefully and effectively as a Christian in this world. Some Christians make it so difficult.

Isaiah 55:8-9 is one of my favorite Old Testament passages. Everytime I think I have it all figured out, I read these verses. The difference between the worst and best person in the world is miniscule in comparison to the difference between that best person and the infinite God.

Ron Ballew said...


Once we can all come to an understanding that none of us are worthy and all need the grace of God maybe we can throw a few less stones.

Ray said...

.....and garner more hearts and minds considering and hopefully accepting that grace.

Ron Ballew said...