Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is Jack Bauer a Christ-Figure?

Another take:

Joe Carter's skin is crawling. J-Mac Fanboy, the artist blogger formerly known as Thor at the Thinklings is hoping this is all just a bad joke. What are itching and wondering about? Mark Driscoll's latest post on his blog. Yep, it's Driscoll again. The man who can't open his mouth without creating a controversy.

Joe says:

From what I’ve heard about Driscoll, he sounds like a gifted preacher who has a unique ability to reach the lost. So it is painful to see him make such an idiotic blunder by making a comparison that is indeed not only blasphemous but downright stupid. (It will be equally painful to watch the fanboys come out of the woodwork to defend this nonsense.) The Savior of the World is irreverently compared to the Savior of Los Angeles.

J-Mac says:

Here’s more dumbing down of Christianity and another prime example of the modern pastor trying to make Jesus cool, relevant, and appealing. I fear we won’t have to wait long before Christianity is relegated to the shelves of pop theology and irrelevance.

I think they are both right and they are both wrong. Hey, with an ability to talk and type out of both sides of my mouth/keyboard like that I'd make a good poiitician.

In my humble opinion Joe and J-Mac are a little too harsh on those who would use pop-culture references to illustrate Biblical truth and/or make a connection with those outside the church. On the other hand, Driscoll really did a lousy job in this post of illustrating and connecting.

I think are are too harsh in their condemnations of those who would try to be relevant. In effect, Driscoll was offering a simile here between Jack Bauer and Jesus. Read More.

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