Friday, June 16, 2006

Ann Coulter

Coulter's new book "Godless" has hit the #1 in the New York Times. While agreeing with "some" of what she says I cannot agree with her tone and hatred.

She claims christianity but doesn’t act like it. Also to say that the left is godless, yea so what? Most aren’t even asking the question if there is a God. She is preaching to the converted, the left won’t even listen to her just as the right (correctly) doesn’t pay any attention to what Kos, or Moore say. They all have become irrelevant to the other side.

All this to say, while I may agree with some of what she says I reject how she says it. The Anchoress makes an interesting statement:

"She’s never been my cuppa, as I have written before. While she is whip-smart, I’ve never liked her because Coulter tends to overdo - she routinely loses sight of boundaries of common decency. She goes too far and discredits herself and the values she says she espouses.

I must say, my skin crawled to read some of her statements. To me she is embodying everything I currently cannot abide in the “conservative movement,” the arrogant presumption of absolute moral certitude (which is ugly, ugly, ugly coming from the left, so honey, it’s not pretty when it’s from the right, either), combined with the sense of over-confidence which is sending so many on the right into a self-destructive Roy Moore/Tom Tancredo plunge off a cliff."

As a Christian I never want to lose the boundary of decency. Jesus came for all, both left and right. While politically I may be on the right I do not and will not hate those on the left. Disagree, yes. Hate, and reject as people? No.


puzzletop said...

Interesting perspective but a bit naive I would have to say. She's not talking to Christians but to lions and tigers and bears, Oh my! She hits them right between the eyes with her comments and gets their attention. You think they would pay any attention to a sappy Christian boy begging kindly to speak to that hate filled crowd. To attack Ann Coulter is to be shooting at the wrong target. I wouldn't dismiss our allies like you have here. Sorry but i can't agree with you this time.

Ron Ballew said...

I'm in pretty good company on this one. Even Ed Morrisey (captains quarters) says she has gone too far. Hugh Hewitt is fed up and so is Glenn Reynolds.

I am not actually concerned if they think I am a sappy christian boy, they would as likely listen to me as her, because they absolutely will not listen to her. She is preaching to the choir.