Friday, June 16, 2006

Bloggers and Christianity

Interesting comment on how blogging is changing the Southern Baptist Conference.

"Fortunately I was unable to attend the Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro, NC this year. I have never been one for formal meetings and resolutions. I would have to admit though, it has been one of the more interesting conventions since the 80’s and thanks to the bloggers who attended I know more than the Baptist Press. We all knew that there would be some controversial things talked about, but one thing that has peeked my interest is how many references to bloggers were made at the convention. (some examples here).

Apparently some of the more seasoned SBC heads are none too pleased with bloggers. I’m not sure if it is that some of “the little people” now have a voice, or that we haven’t all sat in the proverbial Amen corner, but rather have voiced some “Oh me’s” at the current leadership, and some of the in house politicking and bad policy that has been going on for years. Either way I say they only have themselves to blame." Read More.

Update: Seems TIME magazine has gotten in on the story.

Update: Welcome Phoenix Preacher readers!

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