Sunday, October 14, 2007

The rise of mosques becomes catalyst for conflict across Europe

This is going to continue. The SVP (one of the parties mentioned in the article) is becoming a powerful party in Switzerland and they are very right wing. I see trouble ahead for many minorities, not just Muslims.

In a sense this is the beginning of "so much for social liberalism." Many Europeans are liberal long as it does not affect their own country!

North of Berne in an idyllic Alpine valley cowbells tinkle, a church steeple rises, and windowboxes tumble with geraniums. It has always been like this.

But down by the railway station the 21st century is rudely intruding and the villagers of Wangen are upset.

"It's the noise, and all the cars. You should see it on a Friday night," complains Roland Kissling, a perfume buyer for a local cosmetics company. "I've got nothing against mosques, or even against minarets. But in the city. Not in this village. It's just not right. There's going to be trouble." Read More.

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