Tuesday, October 09, 2007

popular myths of evangelicals: "creation" = "creationism"

This subject is always good for a heated debate:

In my experiences within fundagelicalism, here's the way I've often heard this expressed: "A biblical doctrine of creation is essential to a Christian worldview," someone will say, or "A biblical doctrine of creation is crucial to a proper understanding of the gospel." So far so good. But then this is immediately followed up with something like, "So when people deny a literal, seven 24-hour day creation, they are undermining a Christian worldview (or undermining the gospel)."

But just hold on a minute. Read More.


Ray said...

I think that these types of discussions offer our God a good chuckle with the infinte ignorance of his children and their inability to discern things in their totality.

People want to be able to explain everything without knowing everything. Chuckle....chuckle.

Ron Ballew said...

True, we simply will not be able to explain everything. That what it means to have faith.