Monday, October 29, 2007

HBO's Sunny Spin on Prostitution

Well, well, I actually completely agree with Susan Estrich on this!

They call it a documentary. Fred Wiseman it isn’t. Ken Burns it isn’t.

There, on HBO, between the animated "Happy Feet" (PG rated) about the penguin who can’t sing, and Inside the NFL, which I assume is about sports, is an advertisement for prostitution. Work for two years on your back, see a doctor once a week, retire forever.

Right. And I can sell you a bridge in Brooklyn.

I am in St. Louis with my friend Elizabeth, helping her strategize with her brilliant physician client, Dr. Padda, about his new process to help women and men look their best, using minimally invasive procedures. Which is a long way of saying that we’re no prudes, we’re all for sex appeal, but we also have five kids ages 12-17 between us (not to mention six dogs and three cats), and we’re doing something neither of us ever has time to do at home.

We’re watching television, just for fun, in our hotel suite. Maybe a trashy movie, she suggests. Our turkey club has just arrived.

We don’t have a clue. Read More.

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