Sunday, September 30, 2007


Expect major changes in France:

He is constantly in motion. Even when he sits in his office, he shifts his legs nervously. His interlocutors have a hard time completing a sentence before he interrupts them. He does not stop working for a moment. When having a meal with visitors, he does not hesitate to run to his office to examine a document or talk on the phone. Whenever possible, he prefers to walk rather than ride. Like his predecessor, he also needs an extra portion of love and admiration.

Not a day or even an hour passes without hearing or seeing him. One time it is about a new reform, another time a new project or program. All are the handiwork of Nicolas Sarkozy. Lionel Jospin, the former prime minister, described this constant presence as "intolerable" and "nerve-racking."

France has never witnessed a phenomenon like this. Last Thursday, in a special interview with France's two main TV channels, he was asked where he gets his energy. "I was not elected to take a siesta," he retorted. "I was elected to work and deliver the goods, and I intend to work from morning till evening for five years, up until the last moment." Read More.

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